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UITP Mezghani Mohamed, Deputy Secretary General of UITP , exception speaker of the institutional session of the opening of Expo 2014 Move.App L'UITP is the international association for public transport and sustainable mobility which, with its 1,300 collective members from 92 nations , is globally recognized as the only reality that brings together all stakeholders and all modes of transport actively supporting policies and projects. Mohamed Mezghani, for 25 years at the highest levels of UITP, is widely considered one of the leading experts in the field.

Important participation of ASSTRA (National Association of Local Public Transport Companies in Italy) to Move.App Expo with President Massimo Roncucci at the Institutional Opening Session, the Director-General Guido del Mese at the technical conference dedicated to local public transport and the Director of Technological Innovations Daniela Carbone at the Smart cities Conference. A clear sign of the attention that ASSTRA, caters to the needs of the industry.

National Museum of Science and Technology Leonardo da Vinci and Move.App Expo together for the Weekend of Mobility. Inauguration of the exhibition of Move.App Expo with opening to the public and training paths to show the secrets of the most modern technology in the service of mobility, the reasons for decisions and rules that affect the daily commute, the excellence of Made in Italy. The Museum is not just history and technological innovation has its roots in past experiences.

In addiction to the extensive media coverage given to the event by the national specialist magazines will be made a live national television and streaming of the Institutional Opening Session. The transmission "Transport " will make reports and interviews throughout the event for participating companies.